I'm Laura, founder of Ralphy & Co. I'm a Sydney girl, who is very new to this business world! After Ralphy came into our lives in October 2020, most of my time spent is around dogs, and what a life that is! After meeting so many new pups in my life,  I was inspired to start this little idea called Ralphy & Co.
Our co-founder Ralph (aka Ralphy) is a Hungarian Vizsla, part-time gremlin. If you've never met a Vizsla before, you'd know why they are called Velcro dogs! Such loveable, energetic little creatures, who will capture your heart instantly.
Our goal with Ralphy & Co is to make loveable, personalised items that all dog owners will love! And we hope you love it just as much as we do :)

We've taken our time to choose the right companies and suppliers to source our products from, to ensure their values align with ours.  All of our tees are purchased from Australian company, AS Colour, who produce quality, premium apparel, and gives us certainty that all products are sustainable and ethically made. 

All our packaging is environmentally friendly - we source our biodegradable mailing bags from another Australian company, Hero Packaging.

And finally, our products are all handmade with care by Laura herself, with the help of Ralphy of course.